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GRR1 or FMEN which one to use in FM-BCS reporting

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Hi Guys:

I am trying to create a report to show monthly budget consumption in FM-BCS for Fund/FC/CI. It should have columns for every months like (12*4=48)

1.Consumable Budget

2.Consumed budget

3.Available budget

4.Percentage consumed

I have never worked on report painter before this but i guess this requirement can easily be catered in FM Report painter, now while searching and exploring customizing i have found two variation , in SDN search it has been recommended to use GRR1 e.t.c to make such reports but in customizing for drill down reporting in FM i see FMEN for form creation . Please guide which one should i use in order to meet my client requirements.



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Hi Atif

Good question, I also got the same issue when I am creating the reports, May be I may not 100% provide the information on your question but trying to give some inputs..

Yes, you are correct you can achieve this requirement thru Report painter and also this is very useful report to any business who ever using funds management.

Say for example for creating COPA customized reports we can use GRR1 but for  FM reports use FMEN only.

The difference between the transaction codes are depends on availability of charasteristics, variables and form types etc.,.I heard some where but not recollecting now for FM reports we need to use FMEN.  Report painter process is same for both cases.



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Hi Rao/Shyamal:

Thanks for your replies. I want to draw a report based on periods. Periods should be in columns. For every period there will be four columns .Consumable budget, consumed budget, available budget and %age consumed. In rows fund center and commitment items should be present. In GRR1 i have created a from for report painter.

1..General data selection goes like FM area, Fund and fiscal year.

2.For rows i am using Fund center and commitment items

3.For consumable column with basic key figure HSLT, i am using version,ledger ,record type and period as characteristics value.

4.In consumed column all characteristics are same as above but record type is 0.

but in report output i am getting only figure for consumable budget and that is also consolidated one, i want the same output as in FMRP_RW_BUDCON but periodic column wise. Please guide how should i built such report.


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Hi Atiff

Process is correct, Have you created report by taking any copy reference or without reference.

Try to draw a report by using copy reference of 4FBUDCON and make necessary changes whatevery you want. In general data selection use period option as input parameter , So that you can take report period wise.

Check assigned charasteristic values of consumed budget and available budget once again.

If still issue persists, can u provide expected report format also.



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In GRR2 , i have done following settings.

having been done above settings in GRR1, when i am executing report ,it shows following consolidated figures which is not required.Output like standard budget consumption report is required with Fund center and commitment items breakup is required.


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Hi Atiff

All the settings are correct, additionally I used period in variable selection and also in 'variation' included 'period' as  Expand option (Go to Edit-variation) expand.

So that even if we get consolidated report fund center, commitment and fund wise, further by using expand option we can get period wise values.

But difference is I have not included period in consumable budget, consumed budget and available budget columns, since I don't have option period in characteristics. Can you share how to get period and Budget period  in characteristc columns (our customer also using Budget period functionality). 

I hope you can get Budget consumption report like above process also.

Let me know if any deviations...

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Hi Atiff

Just for updating for your information, I was draw a report according to your requirement and output came as per the expectation.

This is a sample report only. 

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Hi Atif,

In the past I have used Drill-down reporting but I believe that since the addition of BCS, GRR1 is the recommended tool. You can execute some of the supplied forms/reports in Drill-down reporting to check if these reports can pull data from BCS tables. I think they will not. Further the concept of hierarchies has changed in BCS as the old Hierarchies from Former budgeting (hierarchy variants) are no longer required. Instead you can use Reporting Groups (similar to CO and CO-PA) which are easier to maintain (they are sets).



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Hi Shyam,

It looks that you are right. I have been trying the Drilldown reports for Funds Management and it looks like are quite outdated. What surprises me is that in there is a strong focus in drilldown reporting.

Perhaps the help is also outdated?. See link.