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Grants Management for Grantee: Do you need a flexible derivation of BVP?

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Hello all,

GM for Grantee can distribute the grant budget over time slices, so-called budget validity periods (BVP). As of now, the BVP is strictly derived from the posting date of a given document. In some discussions with customers we learned that additional flexibility is needed. Does this apply to your organization, too?

We know about the following business scenarios:

- When raising a purchase order the BVP should be derived from the expected delivery date and not from the PR/PO document date.

- For a transition time of 60 or 90 days, the sponsor allows you to assign expenses to a previous BVP. The budget consumed should be from this old period and not the current one. The previous BVP must be derived.

- Retroactive HR postings should go into a previous BVP.

If you like to comment on these scenarios or have other requirements please post them here.

Ulrike Kleifeld and Keith Harmon, SAP Solution Management


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Hi Ulrike,

We realized that for us the BVP is a flexible issue, and we have a complicated scenario for it.

We created a document regarding the BVP derivation logic. I can translate and send it to you.

At the end of the day, we will probably use the BVP BAdI (in SP3 of ECC6?) to derive the correct BVP.

It seems that after all logic applied, our researchers can come several months after an expense was created and hand in an invoice document, never entered into SAP (they seem to forget it in their pocket from time to time) and our administrators have to post the expense to the correct BVP.

Best regards,

Shahaf Yaari

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Hi Shahaf,

please translate the requirement description and send to me via email. If you agree I will share it with the forum here.

The solution for a flexible derivation of the BVP will be provided with Enhancement Package 4. There is no BAdI yet coming with EhP3.

Kind regards,


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Hi Ulrike,

Sorry for the delay (we're upgrading to ECC6 these days...) .

We discussed the issue with our users to clarify the requirements, and we translated the document. I'll send it to you shortly.

Best regards,