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Grant Number is not copied to PR

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Hello there,

I have derived the FM GM assignments automatically and entered Grants number in the FM assignments pop up screen in Network activity.

When I create a PR using the external activity, all the account assignments fields including the Grant number is copied to the Purchase requisition. No isssues here.

If I attach a material to the activity and generate PR, the Grant number is not copied to the PR but all other fields are copied in the account assignment tab of PR.

Is there a way to copy automatically to the PR ? Any idea?


Srinivasan Desingh


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Hi, did you enhance Network to add field Grand?

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Hi Alex,

We are in SAP ECC EHP3 and therefore no need for network enhancement.

The problem is solved. It is due to the derivation rule in FMDERIVE. I have fixed by adding derivation.

Thanks for your support


Srinivasan Desingh