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Going from 4 FM areas to 1 FM area

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Dear experts,

I work for a customer who uses ERP 600 PSM Former Budgeting. I need to offer an improvement of their system like migrationg to BCS but also some restructuring of master data and organizations.

So my question is, is it possible to reassign a newly created FM area to all company codes (at the moment they use 4 FM areas) even if there are postings in the old ones?

I've tried to test that but an error message appears: Message no. FI636 "You must not change assignment to company code &".

Is there some tool or enhancement for that? Or is a new system the only solution?

I've been searching through notes but haven't come upon anything.

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Toni,

Related to change 4 FM areas to 1, be aware that you can only change the assignment if:

1) Neither Funds Management nor Cash Budget Management is active

2) No actual data has been posted yet

3) No commitment items have yet been posted in any of the G/L accounts

in the company code in question.

Since this is not your case, you are not able to change 4 FM areas to only 1 and I am sure about it.

Regarding migration from former budgeting to BCS, please check the following notes:

956356 - Migration from 4.6C FI-FM and former FI-FM releases to BCS

788434 - Allow additive mode in totals migration

Please check also the documentation available in the following menu path:

SPRO -> Public Sector Management -> Funds Management Government -> Budget Control System (BCS) -> Budgeting -> Migration of Former Budgeting to BCS

Please see all the submenus. The first one Overview of Migration Activities will describe all the process and the other ones, the necessary customizing settings. See also the documentation button available in each link.

I hope it resolves your issue

Best Regards,


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Hi Vanessa,

thanks for writing. I have heard before that SAP has a tool for Business unit reorganization and I knew they do such reorganizations for company codes, CO areas, plants but didn't know about FM areas.

So I've written to that department "SLO" (System Landscape Optimization) and they said that it could be done via this tool but after some analysis of the system, of course.

About not being able to just change the assignment, yes you're right, I have tried that and I saw it doesn't work.

Anyway, thanks for writing.

Best regards,