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GMDERIVE, grant funded asset retirements

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I am searching for solutions on how to derive the sponsor program when using ABAON to retire grant funded assets. Our current GMDERIVE set up includes using the internal order from the asset master to derive the sponsor program, but when posting the retirement, our gain/loss account is not using the asset number to post so there is no asset to derive the internal order to derive the sponsor program. This results in system GMDERIVE error for sponsor program, "check rules". Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have attempted to create a custom asset transaction type for the grant funded retirement, but the ABAON posting does not assign a transaction type to the lines with the gain/loss account, only asset GL and fund balance GL lines. I see these results when using the active trace on GMDERIVE. The sponsor class is derived from the gain/loss GL account which falls into our revenue category. the custom t-type includes the option of posting gain/loss to asset, but it still does not assign the asset number as part of the posting.


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You can try do it in the next way(I've never do it before for asset, but for material I did)

Add field ANLU1 to COBL

Then extend GMDERIVE structure, eg ZZANLU1


Then use this field in GM's derivation to find out which asset writing-off