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GM integration with CO - MIRO Error message (GMCUSTOM009)

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Hi all experts,

Any time an invoice is posted through MIRO, we are getting an error "Full Integration with CO is mandatory. Check your entries." (Message number: GMCUSTOM009)

Our grants management module is active.

Does any one have any ideas as to why this error is popping up?

It appears as if one can change this error to a warning using the "Change message control for grants management" option, but what would the implications of that be?

Please advise.



Edited by: Ajay Vidya on Dec 31, 2009 5:40 PM


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As explained in the message text; Grants Management (GM) is active for

the company code in question. Grants Management requires full

integration with Controlling (CO); this means that a G/L account or a

cost element must be supplied together with cost objects. The whole GM

updating process and the derivation of dimensions depend on this.

As mentioned in the procedure part of it:in your posting line, specify

either a G/L account or a cost element.

Alternatively, since this is a customizable message, you can change the

message control within GM. This would mean that you do not require

updating on grants or that your transaction simply does not take a cost

element or a GL account as a parameter.

As you may have found out already, this can be done via this

menu path in IMG: Public Sector>>Grant Management>>Grantee Management>>

Global Settings>>Change message control for Grants Management.

If after adjusting your settings you still get this error message during LIV parking (only when parking), please also make sure that you have note 1101466 in your system.

Kind regards


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Thanks very much for your reply.

This error pops up even after we enter a g/l account for the transaction. It seems to occur only when we have multiple account assignments (and we have a GL account listed for each line item). This transaction is not relevant to grants - so presumably, we can follow your suggestion and change the message control for this message. But my question is, will it affect the existing functionality in any way?

Your prompt response is much appreciated.


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Mar or Eli or Minghong or Others,

Can you please respond to my follow up question above?

Thanks a lot.