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Funds availability - rejected parked document

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For all AVC gurus,

When a parked document is created, the available funds are reduced after the document complete box is checked. But, if a parked document is rejected during the approval process, the available funds are unchanged (do not increase back to previous level).

We did not use standard FI workflow and we did not use standard FI business object FIPP for FI workflow either but it was a copy of FIPP.

Just in general, is there some setting or conditions we need to make to adjust the available funds when a parked document is rejected during the approval process?

Thanks in advance!


Fisher Li


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I am not an AVC guru but since working with parked documents for a few years in our system, I do have something to add.

In our system it is true that available funds are reduced only when the complete box is checked on the document (document saved as complete). But, when the approver rejects the document and sends it back to the creator, the complete box does "not" become un-checked at that time and available funds are unchanged. I wanted to ask if you were certain that the complete box gets re-set.

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Thanks for responding!

Do you use the standard FI workflow or a customized workflow?