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'Fund' is not getting updated when MIRO is posting

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Hi Experts,

There is one issue while creating Invoice (against P.O) i.e not updating 'fund' field(in case of multiple line items, 'fund' is not updating for first line item and its updating for other line items). Even though 'fund' is given manually then also system is throwing an error message that 'fund' field has to be entered. For very few P.O's, users are able to create Invoice (both for single and multiple line items).  This issue has been coming after making 'fund' as mandatory field in Field status group. I guess this issue could be there earlier also but at the time fund was not mandatory field. That too its happening only for invoices against PO's but not for invoices against non PO's.           


          when i tested in our testing system, invoice was posted without any error.


      The following is the error message we are getting:

    Message no: F5808


The value for field 'fund' in the interface to financial accounting is an initial value but you are required to make an entry in the field selection for G.L. account '145711007' in company code '6520' linked to field selection for posting key '81'.

system response: Error


It might be an error in the configuration of G.L account field selection. the initial application, used to call up  the interface must otherwise define a value for field 'fund'. if this is the case, contact the consultant responsible for the application used to callup the interface or get to contact SAP directly

pls help me in resolving this issue.





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Hi :

Please search forum before posting , this issue has been discussed and answered so many times in past. Enter "  Message no: F5808 in SAP" in Google. you will know the answer.


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     Thanks for reply. i have searched before posting itself in the google and that too its there for Business area without any answer. i have done field 'fund' as mandatory in OBC4 and in OB41 field 'fund' is optional. As i said in my query itself, i tried entering 'fund' manually then also system throwing an error message. please guide me if you are aware of any other alternative solution.

Thanks in advance


CA Karteek

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Hi Karteek

Can u share the information why you made it mandator in OBC4 and OB41. Have you make it mandatory 'in spro setting 'Activate Account Assignment Elements in Budgeting'. If we make it mandatory here system will not allow to post document without fund. So, this is enough.



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Is fund in your case an FM account assignment? Are you using document splitting with characteristics Fund. Please clarify. Please note that all account assignments in MM invoice flows from PO/PR screen for which you make settings in OME9 for the relevant category, please check carefully in OME9 what is field status there and OBC4 and OB41 are another area to check. If fund field is optional in OB41 but hidden in OME9 then system will throw error. Please check..


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Hi Atif,

In our case 'fund' is a FM account assignment. We are not using document splitting in our system.In OBC4, 'fund' is mandatory field. In OB41 and OME9, fund is optional. In our case, in OB41,fund is optional for posting key '81' ( which we are using) but for some other posting keys, 'fund' is suppress.



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Hello Karteek, it seems that the fund is being re-derived when posting the invoice, check your derivation strategy and also the note 923672 if you do not want the FM account assigment be re-derived.

Best regards