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Fund Center not derived from Profit Center from PM Order

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Hello Friends

I have my derivation strategy assigned to the PM order which derives the Fund Center from the Profit Center of the Functional location/Equipment.

I have used the function module FMDT_READ_MD_ORDER. It is working properly until I create a PR automatically from the PM order.

I activated the trace & found out that the system is deriving the FC & CI properly except at the time of saving the PM order cost cente/ Profit Center field goes blank & thus no fund center is derived.

Any Suggestions on this


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1) First check the integration between Plant Maintenance (PM) and Funds Management (PSM-FM). This can be checked in the IMG path:

IMG -> Public Sector Management -> Funds Management Government -> Actual and Commitment Update/Integration -> Integration -> Maintain Field Status for Assigning FM Account Assignments

You should have a record there with Object type = '03' (plant maintenance) in such a way that the fields are displayed and

ready for input in the Funds Management dialog box of the order.

Doing this, you integrate the plant maintenance processes with Funds Management. To this end, you stipulate that the commitment item, funds center, and fund for an FM area and for object type 03 will accept input. When you create a maintenance order, you can enter the FM account assignments by choosing Extras -> Assignments -> Funds Management.

2) Check your derivation rules in FMDERIVE

You should consider to have a derivation rule in your FMDERIVE with function module FMDT_READ_ORDER_PM_FROM_FMZUOB. This function reads the account assignment that was entered or derived

within Plant Maintenance orders.

c) If you set your system in such a way that FM data is derived from the reference object (functional location or equipment), the system response depends on how you defined the fields of the FM dialog box using Customizing activity 'Maintain Field Status for Assigning FM Account Assignments':

- The fields of the FM dialog box are defined as ready for input ('Opt. entry' or 'Req. entry') in Customizing:

If you change the reference object in the order, the system does not re-derive FM data automatically. For that, you must

navigate to the FM dialog box and, by choosing icon 'Redetermine account (F5)', trigger the derivation manually.

- The fields of the FM dialog box are defined as not changeable ('Display') in Customizing:

If the reference object is changed in the order, FM data is redetermined automatically.

- The fields of the FM dialog box are defined as not displayable

('Hide') in Customizing:

FM data is not determined.

Set the field status to optional to permit the user to enter the FM objects and still benefit from the possibility to

automatically derive the FM objects from a CO object.

3) If you want to change account assignment data on the 'Location' tab page and redetermine FM data on the basis of changed data, you can use enhancement SAPFMPM with user-exit EXIT_SAPLFRC4_001.

I believe this helps.

Kind Regards,


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Vanessa :

Excellent detailed explanation , please keep it up .

Cheers ,