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FMX2 - earmarked funds and SAP Content server

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Hello all,

Need a help to find solution for the following issue.

Customer would like to have earmarked funds attachments save on SAP Content server u201Eout of databaseu201C.

So in detail, customer run FMX2 change document and from menu choose Environment > Object list > create attachments

Attachment is save on DB, so question is how to change this to save attachments on SAP Content server. And what is need to set up at transaction OAC3 to which Object type and document type is for attachment at FMX2.

SAP Content server is up and running also we have repositories u2013 this is not issue. Issue is only to fill in data at OAC3 with correct object type and doc. Type.

Thanks for any help



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Hi, it's better to ask from basis team. In table maintained link between Document type and 'place' where you want to save your documents, it's not FM customizing