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FMJ2 Carryfoward of commitment containing a Grant

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Has anyone encountered the problem of performing the year end carryforward of a PO using FMJ2 but because the PO contains a Grant, the following error message is received?

Message no. GRANTMGMT637

Grant xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cannot be used for entering budget in Funds Management

We have a tedious workaround for this but I am sure there is a more efficient way.

If the resolution involves BAdi FMBCCF_ENTRY_DOC please elaborate as our ABAPer has previously looked into it.

Edited by: Will Sutton on Apr 8, 2011 11:08 AM


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Hi, seems there is auto budget carryforward while FMJ2 is performing. Look at note 1475789.

Do you have an opportunity to enter budget in bcs with real grant? Because it's not allowed by default(only with non-relevant grant or blank). But there is badi which could allow you to do so.

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We do not enter budget in BCS with a real grant. The field is always NOT_RELEVANT when budget documents are created. Do you know of any other BAdi?

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I had found the note you mentioned earlier along with others dealing with FMABPDERIVE and it isn't applicable to us. It dealt with Automatic Budget Postings (ABP) which is applicable to US Federal Government functions which I checked and we do not have activated in our system.

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'We do not enter budget in BCS with a real grant'-so, do budget automatically transferring while carry forwarding commitment?As you can see, this error deals with budget

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Yes, the budget automatically transfers while carring forward commitments that are not grant related.

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Hi, seems Grant substituted to relevant, may be via badi FMBCCF_ENTRY_DOC ,check it