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fmbs149: delete posting address

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I have posting in the following year and I do not have activated the AVC for future years. So some users made postings (earmarked funds) without budget, as it was no needed.

Now, I have changed the fund center structure and the users have adapted these earmarked funds to the new structure. The value for the old posting address is 0, but the are entries remain in the FMIT table.

I would like to delete the posting addres from FMBSPO but I get of course error fmbs149.

Any idea to delete the entries? I do not want the user to use them any more.




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Any idea? the idea here is that the user cannot poste any more in this posting addresses. I cannot modify the master data because there are already postings (even if its balance is 0) and if I try to modify (delete) the posting address I get error fmbs149 for the same reason. How could I avoid the user to use these postings address any more?

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Try removing "Posting Address check" in configuration and then try to delete posting address


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I do not think it will work.

However I have tried and it does not work. The error is related to the fact that there are already commitment/Posting for this FM assigment.

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Please tell me which settings you have removed.