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FM splits payments

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Hello gurus,

could you help me with this:

standard FM tables don't have exact information on actual payments by commitment items. if payment was partual and it was paid for one commitment item (document has two commitment items), FM spilts amount on both commitment items according to line amount .


if you have invoice on

111101 1000 eur

111105 1500 eur

than you have payment on

111105 1200 eur

no matter how you enter FI document on payment it splits payment as follows in FM tables:

111101 480 eur

111105 720 eur

How to solve this problem, I need a correct result in FM tables?




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In releases below EHP4 it is not possible to update payments selecting by the FM acct assgnment from the expense lines, since the vendor line is the one which is actually selected for payment and then the system splits the paid amounts among the account assignments from the expense line items, according to your settings for online payment update. This is standard design.

There is a functionality available in EHP4, which might at least allow

you to pay by Fund.

Have a look at this documentation:


Enterprise Business Functions ->Accounting ->Public Sector Management -> PSM, Fund Accounting

It is delivered with business function PSM_FA_CI.

There are nevertheless some requirements. I have extracted this info which may be helpful:

PSM, Fund Accounting

Partial Payment by G/L Account Assignment

You can use this function to partially pay your open liabilities for

each fund or other G/L account assignment. This means that, for each

single invoice, the amount paid is spread over all the funds related to

the expense line for which the payment is carried out.

Partial Payment by General Ledger Account Assignment


Usually, the amounts in Financial Accounting (FI) documents are split to

the General Ledger (G/L) over the split characteristics (G/L account

assignments) in the included line items. The amount is spread over all

the account assignments involved. In standard FI transactions, splitting

by selected account assignments is not possible.