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FM Report For CO Distribution Cycle

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Dear experts,

I would like to know if there is any FM report possible (standard or GRR2 based) for CO Distribution cycle where I could actually see how much consumed budget transferred from sender Funds Center to receiving Funds Center (in 2 separate columns).

This requirement is, in fact, raised by client as they are unhappy with standard FMRP_RW_BUDCON report because upon execution of CO Distribution Cycle, the 'Consumed Budget' of sending Funds Center is reduced by distributed amount without showing the comprehensive impact at front of report (though it can be seen at line item level). They want to see the whole consumed amount in 'Consumed Budget' column of both sending Funds Center and Receiving Funds Center.

So is it possible to draw a report where we could show the consumed budget total in two columns, first for sending FC & other for receiving FC.

Here is the proposed report format:

Above, Receiver FC is a different FC so its own Available budget limit would be independent of Sending FC.

Looking for any simple helpful resolution.


Muhammad Waseem


Active Contributor
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You won't be able to build such a report just with report painter: an ABAP report would be required. However, in standard reports you can clearly distinguish operations resulted from CO distribution by Value type.