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FM-MM: Incorrect posting for Move_Type 102

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Hi all,

We are implementing FM EE6.0, I am encountering a problem with FM-MM integration. The system posts correctly when executing Movement_Type 101 transections, but incorrectly for Movement_Type 102 transections.

FI documents are posted correctly for all Movement_Types, but in FM, for movement_Type 102, the system debits and credits the stock account when in the corresponding FI doc, credited Stock and debited GR/IR.


FI Doc

Cr Stock


FM Doc

Dr Stock

Cr. Stock

Any idea, anyone?

BG Mbatha.

Edited by: BG Mbatha on Nov 12, 2008 8:16 PM


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PLEASE give more explanations and we could help you

What warehouse concept did you apply?

Movmt type 102 should cancel the goods receipt and then CR GR/IR and D stocks and FM should be in the same way

But this depends of the warehouse concept

Here is the warehouse concept II example

>MRP>PR are generated automatically

>standard FM program to update FM account assignements in PR

>At PR step Warehouse funds center is derived, statistical stock commitment item is derived and Stock fund is derived also. FM commitment is updated statistically

>At PO step idem

>At GR D stock FM updated statistically


>Material reservation

>Goods issue (material consumption). D consumption and FM update real

CR Stock and FM update statistical

This process is the realistic one in many industries or org which have FM.

Check in release nots for ERP5 how to customise and in SAP doc it is welle explained with example how to do



PSM-FM Consultant

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Hi Salvatore,

Iu2019m using warehouse concept II, and all FM postings are correct except for Movement_ Types 102 and 122, I have tried many ways to correct the postings in FM by using derivation rules but my efforts have thus far been futile.


BG Mbatha

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If you put a trace in FMDERIVE while proceeding 102, what do you see? What are the following parameters for both (debit/credit) transactions?:



Movement type

Normally, G/L for debit should be GR/IR and the relevant commitment item that you use (I presume, a dummy one), but check exactly what is the source data during the trace.



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send me your derivation rule for warehouse concept and i will tell you what is wrong

best regards


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Hi Salvatore,

Below is my Whse FC derivation rule

Source fields


GL Acc (stock)


Target fields


Fund Centre

Stock Commitment item (Stat)

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Your derivation rule is not let say ........

Hope you still speak about wharehouse concept II

Create a stock commitment 30/3 and flag statistic

Create a warehouse FC

Link warehouse center to plant, valuation class ......with tcode FMLF

Create a derivation rule for WH concept II





Enter values

RMWA 0 = blank

RMWA X = blank

At PR the system wlill derive the funds center and the commitment item.

To have the funds

You need another derivation rule COMMITMENT ITEM and target FUNDS CENTER, FUND where the commitment item is the stock one, the funds center the warehouse funds center and the funds the one for the STOCKS

Best regards


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> Link warehouse center to plant, valuation class ......with tcode FMLF

Hi Salvator,

If I cutomize Tcode FMLF, does the system logic take this customization into consideration when processing in Ecc6? From what I heard Tcode FMLF has been rendered absolete from release Ecc5, it is just there for information purposes but no longer taken into condideration by the system process logic.



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Exact it is obsolete

Creatae another derivation rule which equals FMLF


After enter the values and you will have solved your problems

Best regards


Do not hesitate to use the trace to check your derivation rules. It is very usefull. As FM Consultant you must master the FMDERIVE trace for checking if all is ok