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Fm document number generation currency wise FM area

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we have done funds management  configuration each currency wise one FM area .while doing  intercompany transaction system is generating one Fm document number only.

EX:FM area AE01 we have assigned company code 1000 (currency AED )

      FM area SA01 we have assigned company code 2000 (currency SAR)

company code 1000 (FM area AE01) expense we are making payment through company code 2000 (FM area SA01) in this situation  system is generating intercompany accounting document number ( company code 1000 separate accounting document number  and company code 2000 separate accounting document number).

but in Funds management is generating only one FM document number .(which company we are booking expense that company code FM area only document number is generating  payment company ode FM area not generating FM document number) this is standard functionality?

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It depends on the settings of FM assignment in that FI document. If commitment items are not defined as '30' for financial transaction, which very well might be, if it's a payment treasury company code, then no FM document will be created.