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FM Document does not have any Payment as Value Type (Document already payed)

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Hi All.

I really need you help on this issue.

I have PSM configured in my SAP system and everything moves over Commitments Item.

Actually, I have this issue.

When I create a PO and I do the GR for that PO and the IR for that GR, the IR document has some documents, one of them is "Funds Management doc".

At this moment, everything is correct, but if I check the document, I see this:

but, I am expecting see +/- for each of the items on this IR document. Something like this.

Sometime the system does this and some reasons it is not doing this.

While running GR55, I have some amount as no payed, but in SAP this is already payed.

Can some of you guide me to understand what this happening here?, why SAP works normally and why sometimes is not working?

Appreciate your help on this.


Jesus Martinez


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Dear Fuentes,

The system is behaving properly as the minus sign shows the reduction of commitment. It goes like the example below:


PR USD 100/-

FM Commitment USD +100/-


PO USD 105/-

FM Commitment USD -100/- on PR

FM Commitment USD +105/- on PO


GR USD 102/-

FM Commitment USD -105/- on PO

FM Commitment USD +102/- on PO

If you track a chain of documents relating to a particular transaction by filtering the document number generated, you will get the idea in whole. Put a total on all, you will get the Amount committed/actualized against that particular transaction like the screenshot below:

Hope this will help you in understanding system behavior in FM.


Amar Lal

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Hi Amar Lal

Actually, I identified "probably" the issue on this.

For Payments (KZ) the system is working great!, the problem that we are identifying is when we have a payment (KT), with this the system is not consuming the budget!.


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From your description, I understand that you work with update profile which presumes 'payment budget'. Do you use online payment transfer or manual one (OF29 setting)?



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Hi Eli

Thanks so much to have a time to comment on this.

Actually, this is the configuration that I have in OF29

Do you think that this config is correct?


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So, you don't have online payment transfer.

That means that you are running FMF0 transaction in order to generate your 0250 lines for payment budget. You should therefore check if this program was launched for the document in question. If 'yes', check why it's not working...