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FM Budget based on quantity

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Hi All,

Do FM can be budgeted based on the quantity?

I have a requirement for budget in the asset. Example, in transportation equipment asset class will be breakdown for the planning budget year to date.

Transportation equipment will be breakdown to model, such as: buy 5 cars in a year: 100,000 USD. In period 9, the budgeting staff will look the report how much car already bought.

Many helps, thank you


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Quantities are not supported by PSM-FM. You can manage your commitments based on quantities (defined on the level of unit of consumption), but you cannot budget them. You can manage it in CO (planning).



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Hi Eli,

Thanks for the answer

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Agree with Eli, FM could not do quantity budget.

First alternative you might ask your CO team to plan quantity using statistical key figure or activity type (anything that can record quantity).

Second alternative perhaps you could ask your MM team to put a warning msg to control the quantity.

Third alternative you can put quantity as an information on FMBB text.

Last, you might custom your report on ABAP.

Hope this help.