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FM Activation while Running with Other SAP Modules

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We are implementating FM BCS Mdule in Year 2014 with profile 101, GR and IR update.

Now the current settings which we did are running correctly for 2014 year postings


Open Purchase Order - Purchase Created in 2013 but GR is coming in 2014

Error : System is consuming the budget in 2014 when we do GR in 2014.

Solution which we explored : We have Run FMN4N PO Recontruction Program. but system is not seleccting the Purchase orders in this Transaction.

Alternative solution which we explored : Reassignment of Account Assignment Eements.

we will create the new derivation rule to derive the Dummy commitment items for old PO's

and through FMCN and FMCT we will assign in PO's.

can anybody help on the otther approaches to be followed on this.

Thanks in Advance



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Hi Sam,

I think the note

Should help you. It is a recently released one. Please go through !

The documents in question are not flagged as Commitment relevant (technical field name XOBLR) in the database
If field XOBLR is blank in tables EBAN (for PR's) and EKPO (for PO's), FMN3N and FMN4N will not be able to transfer those documents to Funds Management



Touching the documents with corresponding change transaction (ME52N, ME22N) would resolve the situation on individual PRs/POs. When touching the documents with ME52N/ME22N, the XOBLR field will be updated (as well as FM in general) assuming that the appropriate FM Account Assignment values are determined
For a mass document transfer, transactions FMCN and FMCT are the appropriate tools because they are able to derive the Funds Management Account Assignment values and set the XOBLR field too.
After FMCN and FMCT, you must post the Purchase documents subsequently in FM with transactions FMN3N and FMN4N.



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Hi Insomniac,

Thanks for your reply,

I did following to not to consuming the budget

1. I created new derivation rules to derive the Dummy Commitment Item

2. Reassignment for Dummy Commitment item to the PO through FMCN and FMCT.

3. After if i see the PO display Dummy Commitment Item is updated. XOBLR also updated.

4. I run FMN4N, now sytem picked the PO and reconstruction also done.

But here one more doubt.

If we want to check the budget .

i know we need to do steps 1 to 3 with Actual Commitment Item ( Catpegory 30 )

instead of Dummy.

Step no.4 is mandatory activity.

Thanks in Advance


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Hey Sam,

Happy to know that it worked for you.

Now coming to your next query- I believe you are mentioning about the GRs which you will be doing for the PO's which are updated with dummy commitment item ? These GR's need to consume budget?

Or are you talking about just the system consuming the commitment budgets for these PO's ?

Either way, I believe you need to reassign the PR/ PO's with correct commitment items so that FM flow aligns to the standard process flow.

Why I say this is because system doesn't check for the new FM account assignment objects again at GR/IR level, the PO FM account assignment objects get copied automatically unless you define your derivation rule to overwrite with new value.

I don't suggest you to use overwrite with new value.

You should have done the process with correct commitment items.

Open PR/ PO's are open commitments. So they should have consumed commitment budget.

Now, if you  want to have the dummy commitment item in PO and still want the system to consume budget at GR/IR level then you need to tick overwrite with new value.

Please test the cycles thoroughly before concluding on this.



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Hi Satan,

Thanks for your reply.

I am referring if we require budgetting for this items in 2014 as a fresh scenario.

i have not budgetted this in 2013 but now i want to have budget.

ExecutingTransaction FMN4N is mandatory activity or FMCN and FMCT is enough becasue PO already assigned with Actual commitment item to check the budget strating from GR in 2014.

Thanks in Advance


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Hello Sam,

You should consider the open commitments when the data is transferred to FM and provide the budget for the account assignment objects in the go live year.

Now, if you say reassignment is done and the account assignment objects are proper for all the Pr/ Po's then reconstruct the documents. FMN4N if the number of documents is less and FMN4 if the number is large. You always have test run option to see if you get desired results or not.

Post that check for Availability control inconsistencies using FMAVCDIFF transaction, if there is any inconsistency then run FMAVCREINIT to correct them so that the budget values are proper.

I hope this clears your doubts