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Fiscal Year Changed and Reassignment

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Hi All,

I have a question. Our customer will change their fiscal year variant from K4 calender year ( January - December ) to shorthned fiscal year ( Sepmtember - August ). And they will go live in FM BCS in 1st September also. They change fisca year only for financial management. Budget period will go on from January to December. We will assign different fiscal year variant for FM area and financial management.

My doubt is that, When we run reassignment programs actual data after go live, do I come across any problem for reassignment because of fiscal year changing.

Thank you very much



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Do you mean FMCN? Why would it your issue with two fiscal year variants will affect reassignment? Anyway, it would be nevertheless essential to test real documents posted in the environment where fiscal variants between FM and FI don't correspond one to another. Just to avoid unpleasant surprises...



P.S. Did your client change fiscal variant in FI by themselves or via SAP service?

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Hi Eli,

Yes I meant FMCN. I just doubt about it. Ok It will be better to test on QA system.

Thank you very much