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Error while creating a business partner / sponsor

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Hi experts,

I am getting the following error (same as the one posted by one of the other users) when i try to create a business partner in the 'sponsor' role:

Sponsor does not have a customer associated with it.

Because of this error I AM STUCK!!! and cannot move forward with the rest of the customization. I searched all the settings and researched this error - couldnt find anything useful.

Can you guys PLEASE HELP???

Thank you,



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Hello, have you already checked note 851445 BP_CVI: Details about reports to be executed for ERP?



Edited by: Cesar Carreno on Jul 14, 2009 9:03 PM

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Thanks Cesar,

I followed the instructions on that note, but am still getting the error message.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks everyone for your time.


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Dear Ajay,

The sponsor should have a customer number behind

Please have a look at the online help:[]

See Customizing Grantee Management ->GM-GTE Customizing: Master Data -> GM-GTE Master Data Customizing: Sponsor

You can adjust your customizing in a way to create the customer automatically at the time of creating the sponsor, or you can first create the sponsor and link it to a customer afterwards. This will depend on how the sponsor Role (Standard is PSSP01) is set.

you can find it in the IMG> Master Data Synchronization> Customer/Vendor Integration> Business Partner Settings> Settings for Customer Integration> Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Customer

and check options 'Customer-based' or 'Optional for Customer'

Hope this will help

Kind regards


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Thanks for your reply.

Yes - I have set it up so that the customer is automatically created. "Customer-based" is checked.

I created account groups as well (for customer) and assigned them to the GM account group. I am able to create a sponsor - but when i try to create a grant, it does not work because of the error "Sponsor XXX does not have a customer associated with it".

If you have any more suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks a lot.


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do you have the same field status in both the BP and customer side? And please check whether a valid number range is assigned

let us know, please..



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Hi Mar,

I did check that valid number ranges are set on both the BP and customer side (same numbering).

However, how do I check to see if the field status groups are the same?

What is IMG menu path?

I really appreciate your help regarding this.



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Please check these notes:

954816 BP_CVI: Transactions for creating/linking BPs

928616 BP_CVI: Customiz of required entry fields at BP/cust/vendor



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I know this has been a while back, but can you recall how this issue was resolved?