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Error in Report FMRP_RW_BUDGET

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Hi Experts,

I just recently encountered problem when accessing FM BCS standard report (t-code: FMRP_RW_BUDGET).

So after executing the reports, below messages popped-up:

000 -info  - No authorization for certain FM Account Assignments activity 03

000 -error - Exit routine no. 013 with function - Read text - not found

But after that, I can continue looking at the report, except that the report does not have "Total Budget" column at the lowest line. I am thinking that it was because of the recent error messages.

Has anyone ever encountered this issue?


  • The development client is still fresh, no authorization restrictions have been setup for any FM account assignments.
  • I only configured Fund Center and Commitment Item as the only active FM account assignments





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Check the FM objects authorization activity (01,02,03 etc.,) whether you are assigned or not?. As per the above error Authorization activity 03 need to be assigned all your FM objects (Fund center, Commitment item etc.,). You can get clear information in SU53 screen shot.

Report: FMRP_RW_BUDGET will shows current budget, original budget, returns, suppl etc.,

Current budget is equal to original budgt + other additions and subtractions (suppl, return etc.,).

Hence you can get total budget amount in 'current budget' field.

Hope u understand