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Error Accessing Function Module: FMFPO_READ_QUICK

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Dear Experts,

I am trying to transfer the FI-CA posting to GL using t-code FPG1.

As I execute the transaction, system is giving following error:

Error accessing function module: FMFPO_READ_QUICK parameter:

Message No. FI030


The application has accessed a Funds Management or Cash Budget Management module with parameters missing or defective.


Notify your system administrator.

Please guide how to resolve.


Muhammad Waseem


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Hi Muhammad,

Please check the SAP note 1423988 and check if the error is fixed after incorporating this.



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Dear Waseem:

What is your FI-CA release version ? Please see below note and it its applicable to your version then apply necessary instructions contained in it.

1251167 - Subsequent FM activation in FI-CA

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Dear Atif Farooq / B Roy,

Thanks so much for your response.

I have discussed with my BASIS team and shown both SAP notes recommended above (1423988 & 1251167).

Our current FI-CA release version is "FI-CA 617 0008 SAPK-61708INFICA FI-CA".

They confirmed that these both notes are old as compared to our existing ECC support version. Details:

  1. 1423988 - For ECC 600 - 604 (Here 04 denotes support package)
  2. 1251167 - For FI-CA Release 604 (Here 04 denotes support package)

As our system is ECC 6 and support package is 17, it is advanced then above both which are for support package 04.

Looking for more helpful feedback.


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Hi Muhammad,

Looking in to the source code of function is suggesting that the error can be expected in two cases...

  1. The funds management area is initial, or
  2. the commitment item is initial.

So before speculating about possible reasons it would be helpful to know, which of the above cases is given. Would you therefore be able to set a BREAK-POINT into the function module FMFPO_READ_QUICK directly at the IF statement after the comment "*-----Inputparameter prüfen" (In our system Line 27). Once done so, execute TA FPG1 and check the values if the fields IP_FIKRS and IP_FIPOS as soon as the system stops processing at the BREAK-POINT.



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Hi Muhammad,

Please check the next link:

FPG1: FI030 Error accessing function module: FMFPO_READ_QUICK - Utilities Industry - SCN Wiki

Mentions the next solution:

There are different options to solve this issue. Please read the following points very carefully to find out which option is the correct one for your company:

  • If the FM fields are not active (structure SI_FKKFMOP is inactive resp. global state of switch FICA_FM is off) then it seems that your company doesn't want to use the Funds Management Integration. In this case it is possible to deactivate the update in Funds Management for the affected company code with view V_T001_FM2 (field T001-XFMCA). Please note that the data won't be updated into FM afterwards!
  • It is possible that the workaround of SAP note 569257 was used in the past. Therefore please read this note very carefully and clarify internally if this solution was really used in the past.
  • If it's required to activate Funds Management retroactively then please note that this option is not possible in an already running system! Please pay attention to the long text of SAP note 686383. There you can read the recommendation to contact the SAP Consulting Department because it is required to fill all already available data with corresponding dummy account assignments.

But if you have a S4Hana, you need to activate the business functions: FICA_FM (Funds Management Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable).