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Earmarked funds created with function FMFR_CREATE_FROM_DATA

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We use the standard function FMFR_CREATE_FROM_DATA to create earmarked funds, but we have a problem with it.

The documents (a fund precommitment or a fund commitment) are created, but after that, we can't do any value adjustment against it (in the document doesn't appear the flag "Val. Adjust.Required" to mark it).

Does anybody know if there is a possibility to create earmarked funds with this function and the flag "Val Adjust. Required" appears in the document? Or do you know another function to create earmarked funds?

Please, help us

Thanks and regards



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Hello Lluisa,

In case workflow is not(!) involved you must set the flag during creation already.

From now on value changes can only be achieved by value adjustment documents ( if the global flag ist set ). You shoul:

1 - Transaction OFMR0: check the check box "value adjustment required"

If you flag "Value adjustment docs required" in OFMR0 transaction (Global settings for Earmarked funds) option Details, you are not allowed to manually changed the amount of an earmarked fund. In order to change the amount of an armarked fund, you must create a further document - a value adjustment document.

According to the documentation:

FMRESGLOBALS-XPMDOCS: Change of document amounts only by value adjustment.

Defines that an amount change of an earmarked fund can only be performed

by Value adjustment documents.

Value adjustments documents inherit the characteristics of the document they are to adjust. If, for example, an earmarked funds is subject to an approval procedure, the value adjustment documents must be approved accordingly.

2 - SAP Customising Implementation Guide > Public sector management > Funds management Government > Funds Management specific postings > Earmarked funds and funds transfer > Define Field selection String.

==> In Maintain Field Status set Indicator: "Amount Change Only with Value Adjustment Document" to display

Just for additional information, check the help regarding this:

Value Adjustments for Earmarked Funds:



Value adjustments are documents with which you can change amounts in earmarked funds documents without having to change the earmarked funds documents themselves.

Value adjustment documents inherit the characteristics of the document that they adjust. If, for example, an earmarked funds document is subject to an approval procedure, the corresponding value adjustments must also be approved. In this case, the following applies:

· Value increases only take effect after approval. The additional amount can only be consumed after the approval by follow-on documents.

· Value decreases take effect immediately. The additional amount is returned only after approval of the budget.

You can change the amount of an earmarked fund in the field Overall Amount providing that the indicator Value Adjustment Required is set. From then on, you can only change the amount by entering a value adjustment:

· The current amount is displayed in the Original Amount field

· The total of the original amount of the earmarked funds document and the amount of the approved

value adjustment documents is displayed in the field Overall Amount.

· The total of the value adjustment documents not yet approved are displayed in the field Amount Changed.

The values in the field Original Amount and Overall Amount are only identical until a value adjustment is

entered and is approved.

Prerequisites <========================================

· To be able to use value adjustments, you must activate this function in the implementation guide (IMG) of Funds Management Government, under Funds Management-Specific Postings ® Earmarked Funds and Funds Transfers ® Maintain Global Settings.

· You must ALSO set the indicator Value Adjustment Required to the document item level of the earmarked funds documents. If the document is workflow relevant, you must set the indicator in workflow.

If this indicator is set, you can carry out the amount changes for the document item only using value

adjustments. In other words, you cannot change the amount of the earmarked funds manually.

I hope it helps you

Best Regards,

Vanessa Barth