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Dual currency on Funds Management?

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Dear expert,

My client insist to know whether funds management could maintain dual currency on budgeting. They have budget on example IDR and USD, and when IDR original transaction will check IDR budget. USD transaction will check with usd budget.

I've explained which FM must have FM area currency should match with company code currency. It means single currency on budgeting. Original transaction with usd then will check the budget with IDR. Any budget exceeded related with different rate between planning/budgeting and actual must be accepted.

I need sap note regarding this point. They will satisfied with sap note, not just library or documentation. I haven't found it.

I appreciate any sharing information or your experience.

- dewi


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Please check if the following notes can help you:

1076029 Enhanced currency Customizing in PSM-FM

779180 Enhancing Currency Customizing in PSM-FM

356393 Different currencies in company code/FM area

I hope it helps

Best Regards,

Vanessa Barth.

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Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for your respon. I think the notes talk about several companies code have different currencies/currency type assigned to FM area.

In my case, we have 3 co.code. Each have the same setting:

local curr.1 : currency type 10 IDR

local curr.2 : currency type 40 USD

local curr.3 : currency type 30 IDR

FM area currency IDR. Then no issue regarding with currency integration to update Funds Management.

Issue is they have interest on dual currency on budgeting. They can entry budget both IDR and USD such as controlling area currency and transaction currency on Controlling module (IO and WBS budgeting). In further they want their usd transaction will check based on usd budget, not check based on fm area currency (IDR equivalence) anymore.

Any kind response will be appreciated.


Hi all,

I close this thread. I have written customer message to SAP, and the development state which: currently SAP does not support multiple currency in FM budgeting. Budget entry and availability control always in FM area currency.

SAP propose us to create development request as R&D project and could be a chance to develop on future (such as may available on next release of mySAP).