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Difference between SAP PSCD and tax and Revenue management

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Hi All,

I am new to SAP industry solutions for public sector and am actually trying to understand the new systems. Can anyone please tell me the difference between SAP PSCD and SAP Tax and Revenue management ? Please revert.

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Shakuntala,

PSCD is an industry add-on on top of SAP ERP FI-CA (Contract Accounting), which is part of SAP ERP Core.

Tax & Revenue Management is a Public Sector industry solution, which utilizes PSCD to enable some of its key processes (e.g. account management and collection management). However, TRM as a business solution also make use of other modules and systems (e.g. CRM).

The initial development of PSCD was strongly driven by Tax&Revenue Management, therefore people usually have hard time to differentiate between the two terms. But now PSCD is also used by and enhanced for other SAP Public Sector solutions like Grantor Management or Social Services.

Best regards,


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