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Derivation Rule Problem After A Client Copy

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Has anyone ever encountered a problem with derivation rules after a client copy is performed? After a client copy, we have "some" FM and GM derivation rules (not all of them) that have to be manually copied from the source to the target client (line by line by line by line). I'm thinking that there has to be a way to prevent this since some rules are fine after the clent copy. Your input would be greatly appreciated.



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We also found this issue.

Try to look for note #977064, if it is relevant to your installation.



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Unfortunately note 977064 is for ERP 2005 and we are R/3 Release 4.70

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Hello Will,

please see these notes:

935646 Client copy and transport for PS derivations

912369 FINB_TR_DEST, after import failures, transport errors

should they do not work, I would also like you to attach your system details for SAP_APPL, EA-PS and FINBASIS if possible, as there are several notes depending on these SP levels...

thanks and regards,


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Component = Release, Level, Highest Suppt Packg, Shrt Desc (PRD)

SAP_APPL = 470, 0027, SAPKH47027, Logistics and Acctg (PRD)

EA-PS = 200, 0012, SAPKGPPB12, SAP R/3 Enterprise Pub Svcs (PRD)

SAP_BASIS = 620, 0060, SAPKB62060, SAP Basis Component (PRD)

FINBASIS = 150, 0027, SAPK-15027INFINBASIS, Add-On FINBASIS 1.5: Installation (I only saw this component information in BW)

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I believe that we have resoved our issue. For the derivation rule values that would never copy, we re-created these again starting in DEV and transported the derivation rules throughout the entire landscape (QAS and PRD). Evidently some derivation rules (and the related values stored in the tables) were created directly in Production. During a client copy the values in the tables for the derivation rules that were created directly in our Production environment would not copy to our QAS environment. Those rules were stored in a table named FMFMOAPRD1000122. Note that PRD is in the table name. After re-creating the rule and transporting it through the landscape, the table was named FMFMOADEV1000152 (for example).