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Cross Company Code Postings

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Hi ,

We have company codes

1. 1000 - XYZ LTD - Chart of Accounts - 1000 - Controlling Area - 1000

2. 3000 - ABC LTD - Chart of Accounts - 1000 - Controlling Area - 1000

We are using Common Chart of Accounts and Controlling area for both company codes .

We have activated funds Managment ( Former Budgeting) for Company Code 1000-XYZ LTD . ( But not 3000 - ABC LTD , is not required Funds Mangement) .

While Posting Cross Company Code Postings between 1000 to 3000 . System saying error :: No commitment item entered in item 0000000001 3000 450000

Message no. FI311


The posted document contains at least one company code in which Funds

Management, Cash Budget Management, or Project Cash Management is

active. Therefore you must enter a commitment item in all involved

company codes.

Please suggest what are the settings tobe done in FM .




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To avoid FI311 you should check your customizing and the activation of the Account derivation on:

SPRO-> Public Sector management-> Funds management government-> Actual and Commitment update/integration-> Activate/deactivate Funds Managment.

But right after you do this, if you want to post a cross company document you will receive the error messsage:

Posting not possible: FM not active in company code 6000

Message no. FICUSTOM107




You want to post a cross-company code document between company codes in which Funds Management (FM) is activated and some in which it is not activated.

However, this is not possible because, for the update of values to be correct in Funds Management, Funds Management must be activated in all company codes.


When doing cross-company postings, it is a requirement to have an FM area assigned to all company codes if you have FM active for one of them.

For the company codes that do not require the Full functionality for funds management, you can assign a DUMMY FM Area and utilize commitment items with a financial transaction of 90, 60, and 50.

This is mentioned in SAP Note 122581, please read it carefully.

You can define derivation steps to assign the required account assignment objects like Fund, Fund Center, Commitment Item, Functional Area, etc that you have defined as required in customizing.

This should resolve your inquiry.

Kind Regards,


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Thanks .

We have activated company codes ( Cross) , It is working fine.