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Commitment plan on purchase contract

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Dear all,

My client want to check/update the budget when create the contract, or contract reference to PR etc. Based contract, SAP use the earmark funds w/ category funds reservation to touch the budget.

SAP doc.said we have to customize both install MM activate commitment plan and customize on earmark fund. I've finish with earmark funds integration with contract.

The problem is how to activate the commitment plan on MM cust. Any body know?

and i read which me31k create, and generate commitment plan, commitment plan will generate funds reservation.

The fact, we found nothing about the commitment plan on customizing, and can not find what is the icon used to generate the commitment plan.

Please for any advice

best regards,



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Dear Dewi,

the MM customizing consist in:

1. Activate commitments plan.

Customizing: Material Management -> Purchasing -> Contract -> Define Document Types -> set flag u2018Commitments plan is activeu2019. For each document type.

2. Check the field attributes of commitment plan.

Customizing: Material Management -> Purchasing -> Contract -> Define Screen Layout at Document Level -> Choose ME31 or any other relevant, go to details and choose u2018Fields of commitments planu2019.



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Hi Cesar,

Your answer is very helpful. Thanks a lot. We've activated commitment plan and testing the transaction. In further i have question:

1. Header contract target value 1.000.000

Item 001 contract, target qty 210 box, net price 12.000

Commitment plan for contract item 001 Target value 25.200

Commitment plan for contract item 001 -item 01 25.200

Commitment plan for contract item 001 -item 01 -acct.assg item 01 25.200

target value on commitment plan (=contract value) calculate by system such as 210*12000=2.520.000 then divided by 100 = 25.200

Availability control then calculate payment budget exceeded 25.200*100 = 2.520.000 if no budget entered.

Why system divide by 100 on calculate target value and multiply again with 100 when checking the availability ctrl. Any setting to make it normal without divide and multiply?

2. I can not input commitment item or gl on create ME31K. They hide on choose layout and appears as display when we make it out. We've already make commitment item optional on Define Screen Layout at relevant Document Level.

I have to exit from the commitment plan, saved the contract first. Then, Change the contract ME32K, commitment item appears as optional at the column of

3. Yesterday, i tested the contract with error availability control. I try to exit then system become shortdump. After shortdump, the next contract/commitment plan can not recognize the availability control. Just post without alert even budget exceeded.

I found the note 1131219 Update terminate FI 057. Unfortunately the note relevan for SAP_APPL level 11 while ours is level 12.

Cesar and others, have your idea about all of this?



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Hi Dewi,

The place where you check how to customize this is the following:


See topic:

Recording Actual and Commitment Data /

Integration with Materials Management

Commitment Plan for Purchase Contracts

To carry out the required customizing, proceed as follows:

1. Make the necessary customizing settings in the FM Implementation Guide (IMG). To do this, go to the FM IMG and choose Actual and Commitment Update/Integration ® Integration ® Integration

Contracts. Then follow the instructions given in the IMG documentation.

2. Activate the commitment plan in Purchasing. To do this, go to the MM IMG and choose Purchasing ® Contract ® Define Screen Layout at Document Level.

3. Choose the relevant contract(s) and define plan fields as you would the other purchase fields.


· A commitment plan is generated for each document item in the relevant contract. Each document item can itself have any number of items.

· If a purchase requisition or purchase order references this contract, the earmarked funds document is copied to the purchase order and the account assignment is adopted from that document. Account assignment to a different account assignment object is then no longer allowed.

Check also note 700485.

I hope it resolves your problem.

Kind Regards,


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thanks Cesar