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Commitment Item not getting derived during Sales Order Creation (VA01)

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I am getting the error Message no. FI311 " No commitment item entered in item 00010 1000 " when I am creating a sales order.

I have maintained a derivation in FMDERIVER to derive my commitment item from the GL Account.

This derivation doesn't seem to work only when I create a sales order through VA01 but seems to work in all other postings .

I activated the trace when creating the sales order and am getting the message that Derivation not performed and source fields contain no value.

I have maintained the CI field status as optional Maintain Field Status for Assigning FM Account Assignments.

Couldn't find any help in SAP Note 1267998.

Why isn't my Derivation not working during Sales Order Creation ? I created another derivation for CI based on the material and it worked during VA01.

Thanks and Regards.


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Please kindly check note 1268001 point 1. The same information related to funds center is valid also for commitment item.

I hope it helps.

Best Regards,


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I had checked the note and had maintained a record with object type = 04. It didn't work.

Now I am having the same issue when creating a Purchase Order but out there the Fund Center isn't getting derived.


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I had experience with same error message, and find the solution as follows.

You shoud check the completeness of Sales order transaction. It could be the VKOA or acct.assignment group of material/customer master data not complete. It means the customizing or master data not derive the gl account. Then "no commitment item error message exist".

You can check on sales order item: Environment/analysis/account determination.

If you double click the lower node you have to find i.e "G/L account 4001002000 determined from Account determination type KOFI". And account assignment group exist with data.

I think the test derivation does not find the source because acct.determination not complete. I have the experience as i tell you above

I hope this can help you.


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If you set the field status as optional you will have to maintain a derivation rule to derive FM account assignment from CO objects. In the case of SD order, the rules are CO Revenue Element => Commitment Item and profit center (or other revenue bearing CO objects) => Funds Center. Please check note 572729 (which is refered by 1268001).

We had had the same problem with PM orders but figured out that using CO object is the solution. By the way, please also check OFUP. If you have box 'Use only CO Objects' checked, derivation can only accomplished using 'real' CO objects.



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In Material there is a group let us say 015

GO in VKOA and check the GL account in ERS

Create an enhancement derivation rule where the system read the material it find the material group and derives the GL acccount and the commitment

It will works



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I have same problem like you and finally it solved :).

It depends on your derivation rules (FMDERIVE). I tried to derive from division in sales order to funds center.

Field status for account assignment in sales order, I managed as Optional.

Hope it will help