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Commitment item can not derived from main asset number

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Dear all,

Our client have 1 G/L LVA and divided to many asset class LVA. Asset lva will post to general expense when run depreciation, and they want the acquisition/procurement of LVA should check the budget of the general expense.

It means the acquisition of LVA will check the budget of general expense, then no budget when run depreciation.

I already setting for no check budget for run depreciation. However, i found trouble when set the derivation from main asset number to commitment item. I want to set from main asset number because only 1 G/L LVA.

Derivation rule from main asset number not populated to commitment item which i'm expecting, example

FMDERIVE (1) CI from main asset number (for acquisition)

asset number CI

23000000000 7400000102

FMDERIVE (2) CI from g/l account

G/L acct. CI

2290000001 2290000001

Because asset number 23000000000 assign to g/l 2290000001, then the tracing always read the g/l account, then derive to commititem 2290000001 NOT to 7400000102.

I already give many condition however it can not work. Even i deactivate fmderive (2), asset number can not populate to relevant commitment item.

Please give me advice how derive the commitment item from main asset number or relevan things.




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Hi Dewi

Please have a look at these notes which I think are interesting:

[736914|] Budget relevance of asset transactions

[1268001|] FI313 - No funds center entered/derived

So, if you need to derive the FMAA from the Asset master data, you could enable a derivation step calling function module FMDT_READ_MD_ASSET. Take care of following derivation steps which may be overwriting the derived values from FMDT_READ_MD_ASSET. See the trace log, according to note [666322|]