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Checking FM in “HOLD” in PO

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Hi Gurus,

When I´ve tried put in u201Choldu201D a purchase order just refering the one purchase requisition the system has showed the message error "FMEF022u201D.

Ps. There is in my purchase requisition one funds reservation.

There is some configuration for doesn´t check anything in FM, already a I am just click in u201CHOLDu201D in PO ?

Best regards



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Hello, Claudio,

In earlier SAP releases, the PO Item on hold didn't do the funds check. From the most updated releases, these items passed to do it.

In a client I had to treat it by user exit, since SAP insisted that it is the regular behavior from now on.



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Hola/Hello Gustavo., could u please, tell us which user-exit did u use?

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User exit - EXIT_SAPLFMFA_001. Activating this exit you able to make the posting as statistical in FM. You only have to build a ligic for system to use when the line item is blocked.


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Thanks very much GustavoCordeiro!