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Capex through Funds Management.

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Hi All

We are implementing Funds Management for Opex and Capex, my question whether we can handle Capex with FM also. Our requirement is as that my client has different budget for vehicles for every fund center. I want to allocate the budget for every vehicle and activate availability control on it.

Now i understand that Budget is FundFund centerCommitment Item. If i make budget for every vehicle i have to make combination either by differentiating the fund or fund center. Is there any other way to do this, because for every vehicle we will need to create fund or fund center.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi. If you want to control budget via every vehicle then I think the only way is to create some FM account assignment for these vehicles. Eg create Fund=vehicle.

But you can manage budget control for vehicles via investment orders. Because you need "object" budget control.I don't understand why you need to use FM for this

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Hi Aleksey Tkachenko

Thanks for your input. We do not have IM in our scope. If i create fund for every vehicle there would be hundreds of funds. I was wandering if there is any other way to fulfill this.


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Hi. If you want to control budget for every vehicle, then you need to uploud budget via them.

If you don't want to create every vehicle, then how system will now for which vehicle budget consuming?

I don't see other way...

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There is no need in IM; simple budget management in CO with internal order will do. There is no other 'correct' way to manage this. FM should not, though tehcnically it could, be used for this purpose.



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with reference to the previous replies, you can use IO (Internal Orders ) to control the budget. This budget can be over all or Year wise. And also, the IO budget can be maintained at IO leavel, not for any given combination i.e GL account plus IO.

Just to track the vechical wise Budget, we should not use Fund as an accountassigment in FM. Activation of Fund is like activating Fund accounting. I did not see any reqirment to activat the FUND. However, you can use Funded program to track vehicle wise Budget and consumption.

Hope this clarifies..

Warm Regards,

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