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Budget transfer issue in Funds Management

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Dear SAP experts

I am getting error at the time of budget transfer in BCS from one Fund center to another fund center

I have created Superior fund center and subordinate fund center . During budget transfer using Tcode FMBBC , The system is not checking the available amount in the Superior Fund center and is allowing to transfer the budget with the excess amount leading to making the budget as negative , which is not correct

I have done configuration in consistency check for budget address but it is not working

Left Operand : Key Figure = CURRENT_BDGT_AB

Scaling Factor = 100

Operator : Greater than or equal to

Right Operand : Key Figure = CURRENT_BDGT_BT

Value = 0

Error Message : The current budget for budget type &1 is negative (budget address)

Message Variable : &BUDTYPE

Please suggest what should be done to limit the budget transfer

Suitable answer will be rewarded



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Hi SAP Experts

Provide suggestion for the same

Suitable answer will be rewarded

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Message Variable : &BUDTYPE

Check note 717227 and 865196


G. Lakshmipathi

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Thanks for the input , but the same is not working

Do anybody has any other solution

Suitable answer will be rewarded


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Your issue sounds similiar to an issue I had to address not long ago. I used information in note 983853.

Based on the note I had to...

Create and assign a tolerance profile that contains absolute variances, which triggers an error message for the absolute variance equal to the value 0.

Instead of creating a new tolerance profile which I have attempted in the past, I changed the existing profile 2000 to include absolute variances as well as usage rates...and added two separate tolerance limits for activity of posted budget 90 and budget posted provisionally 95 and set them for absolute variance only of the value 0.

Both 90 and 95 had to be changed because...

When only activity 95 is changed for absolute variance, the check document feature (F7) does not detect a negative budget but attempting to pre-post will result in an error.

When only activity 90 is changed for absolute variance, the check document feature detects the negative budget but pre-post will not detect an error and allow the user to proceed.

I also had to...

change configuration settings to not only check AVC for "posted" budget documents in workflow but also pre-posted.

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Dear Will,

I am also facing the same problem which you are explaing above but still configuration point of view it is not resolved for me.

Kindly help if possibel let us know the navigation for the same.

Thanks MD.

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Public Sector Management -> Funds Management Government -> Budget Control System -> BCS Availability Control -> Edit Tolerance Profiles

This is where the Category of the tolerance profile was changed from Only usage rates allowed to Usage rates and absolute variances allowed.

Then maintain the tolerance limits of the profile by adding activity 90 (posted budget) and 95 (budget posted provisionally) so that each message type is an Error. The usage rate is blank and the absolute variance field is left blank. The "Use of Usage rate and Abs. Var." is set to "take absolute variance only".

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Dear Will,

Lots of thanks for your reply.

We are alraedy selected All Groups and also tolerance limit. But still we are transfer budget from One Fund Center to Other Fund Center if we dont have a budget in the Fund Center.

Please help to resolve the same.

Thanks MD.

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I'm not sure why do you have CURRENT_BDGT_BT in your right operand? It should be just value zero and the operator should be 'Less'. Basically, you want to prevent posting negative budget on your FM address.



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Dear Eli,

Thanks for your reply.

But still I am not able to resove the issue, from were I can get this path. Can you please give me a navigation for the same.

Thanks MD.

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IMG - Public Sector Management - Funds Management Government - Budget Control System (BCS) - Budgeting - Control Budgeting Flow - Consistency Check - Define Check Libraries for Budget Entry Documents

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Beyond the information contained in note 983853 which I used, I also had to change the AVC budget filter settings...

(Public Sector Management, Funds Management Government, Budget Control System, BSC Availability Control, Settings for Availability Control Ledger, Define Filter Settings for Budget Values - Define the Consumable Budget)

Under WF Status for AVC, we changed the setting to include Posted budget and preposted budget documents.

After making the all mentioned changes, users could no longer do FMBB transfers when the sender was negative, or would become negative.

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Dear Will,

Thanks for your reply.

I try to apply note also which you given and also I follow the path and created 9H and 9I AVC settings for budget values.

But still not working and also I have a doubt the budget is get transferred with 9F and filter is created in 9H and 9I.

kindly guide to resolve this issue.

Thanks MD.

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Dear Eli and Will,

The rule is only working, if the sender fund center is 0(zero) and if the sender item is having positive budget it will through the error message - the current budget for budget type 3000 is negative (budget address) -

Kindly help me what rule I can create to remove the above error.

Thanks MD.

Edited by: Mah2007 on Sep 7, 2010 11:09 AM

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To get this far, did you use BCS consistency checks or a tolerance profile with an absolute variance?

Explain further the situation in which what you have did thus far is not working.

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Dear Will,

I am sorry it agin showing me an error....

I will explain what config I did in the system and please tell me were I can did the mistake in the config.

First I can create a DEFINE KEY FIGURES - ZZCURRENT_BUDGET and the properties are given below.

Plus/minus sign version category value type activity budget type WF status fiscal year

+ 0 9F B1 ENTR * P -1


In that I can put the formula for


Left operand: CURRENT_BDGT_AB

Scaling factor: 100.0%

Operator : Greater than or Equal to



Message Class - FMCC

Type - E

Number - 001

In the Prerequisite - I left blank because I am not able to understand what should I use the validation in this.

Kindly help me to resolve the same.

Thanks MD.