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budget structure template - in BCS

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In the old budget used the element budget structure template to create various EO and block release some pro CF, CI, etc. When we activated the BCS create the necessary structures our reality, but to save the the posting address, trx MBSPO_MULT, we are having the following error number being FMBS122 the system verification plan ended in code

return 1. It turns out that to address the budget was not used the program funded, in my scenario this can be blank (Funded Program).

How to create these structures - within the BCS, and make that has a behavior similar to trx FMG2.

Please, help !!!.


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Hi,check here if FP is required Public Sector Management-Funds Management Government-Budget Control System (BCS)-Budgeting-Basic Settings-Use of Master Data-Activate Account Assignment Elements in Budget Control System

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I have several EO and the BCS and can only report on a version 0 but I need to validate FC according to FI.

Thank you

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Hi, what is EO and FC?

Also, do you need addresses check?

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Sorry - what I call the EO is the budget structure.

FC = Fund Center.

We are not using the component MBS - mult-level budget structure.