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Budget material group and cost center and cost element level

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Hi All

I want to budget period wise threesome combination budget with material group - cost center - cost element.I am using account assignment object "fund" for period. And there are two fields in fmbbc as fund center and commitment item. I want to use field fund type for material group. If I do this Can I make budget threesome as I said?

Thank you very much


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If you use 'fund' for representing the period, how do you expect using it also for another object, e.g. material group? You have to find another FM object.



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Hi Eli

Thanks for replying

I thought that I must find another fm object like functional area. But couldn't activate functional area. I dont see functional area in FMBBC. I ticked functional area from customizing step that is activate acount assignment object.

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Hi, for 'period' you can use Funded program, for instance 201601 - 01 period of 2016 year.

And this analytic has no such side affect to other modules like functional area