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Budget investment with PSM-FM

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I work with FM - Budget traditional (formal budget), and I am stating implement the control of investment within the module FM.

I wonder if possible and make this implementation without using other modules (PS or IM).

If someone will send some documentation, now I am grateful.

Thanky you

Cleumar Gomes


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of course you can

Put a budget profile in fund one for funcional and another one for investment.

Then you can manage annual budget and investment multiannual budget

If you don't want use PS or IM please use internal orders to manage to transfer investments costs to AUC

After AUC are trnsferred to final assets and after you depreciate your assets



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Thank you.

Only more questions?

The orders would be treated as internal programme of Budget?

When you create a new profile says, as if already do use the fund for the costs?

You could send me examples?

I use the version 4.7 of SAP

Best regards

Cleumar Gomes

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I changed of a project in the mean time


Create an IO with profile investment

The IO can accept AUC-check the configuration with your asset accounting consultant

With a user exit standard (not obliged to use it) you can add user specific fields fund and funds center. So no need to have a derivation rule IO for funds center and for fund

You can have double AVC check: one on internal order and the other for FM

step one: FMBB-enter a budget on F/FC/CI 1000 EUR. This F and FC are in your internal order

Step 2: FMZ1-funds commitment on F/FC/CI of 400 EUR. Ok

Step 3 Put a budget on IO of 200 EUR

Step 4 Invoive of 400 EUR on GL and Funds commitment created before. it will be impossible to post as no sufficient budget on internal order

You have to augment the budget on internal order

You can also deactivate budget on IO. AVC will be checked only in FM



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Thank you for the answer.

In this case such as copying figures budgeted in internal orders for the FM through the FM9C

Will I have to create a programme of budget for each internal order ?

Best Regards