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Budget control during service entry sheet

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Dear Sapient

please kindly suggest how can i do the below mention scenario


User created purchase order with account assignment category ‘U’because as per rate contract business process where actual cost location (cost center) not decided, after creation of purchase order service entry has to be created where actual cost center can be booked. Hence as per current configuration system is not reducing budget during service entry sheet

and during MIRO system asking budget which user does not required. As per user opinion budget should reduce during service entry sheet not in MIRO.


BCS Activated

Payment budget activited.

Apart from the scenario user want to budget check up to GR level not afterwards presently i have configured budget control following way

PR -(Budget control exist)

PO - (Budget control exist)

GR- (Budget does not control exist)

MIRO- (Budget control exist)

Kindly suggest me how can i reconfigure so that above scenario can be fullfiled




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All this depends on your settings in OFUP: when FM document created - on GR, IR or both.



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Thanks Eli

During configuration change system showing warning message

Customizing MM goods receipt and payment selection is not allowed

and after that it is showing another warning message

Update on goods receipt can lead to budget overruns.

1st message is coming i think because of customization - Assign Update Profile to FM Area - assigned 101 profile

Kindly suggest what should i do.

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It is what it's said: if you work with payment transfer in FM, then it should be either IR or GR/IR update, but not just GR. Second message reminds that setting change could lead to budget exceeding, as you might have had POs, where IR amount is lower than SES/GR.

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Hi Eli

Thanks for reply.  i have configured budget category as payment and also my update profile is 101. it is in production client and working since last 6 month after go live.Now my client requirement is budget control should up to GR or service entry sheet not in invoice.

As you mentioned that setting can be done only for both GR & invoice not for only GR.

So how can i full fill my client requirement is it possible with payment budget or

shall i change the config from payment to commitment or is there any other way please kindly suggest.

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If you work with payment budget and transfer the payments (FMF0 or online update), you have to obtain IR update. You cannot change update profile in the 'living' system without grave consequences.

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you mean to say hence it is not possible to full fill the requirement i.e budget control up to GR level with payment budget

me clear about that but i have one point shall i change the config from payment to commitment and GR level in OFUP  in testing client and after proper testing will move to live system.

if yes then what are the things i should take during setting change.

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It is possible if you activate update on GR and IR level in OFUP.