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Resolved! Some FM derivation for transfers?

Hello team.I need to ask something about the trx. FMMPTRAN.I use it for transfer budget from one period to another.Works great, but... we use "function area, commintment item, fund center, and FUND".This "FUND" for us, represent the month.For example...

waldo by Contributor
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Resolved! AFAB issue

Hello FM's gurus I've got a problem with the tcode AFAB. Situation: Account Assignment ElementsFund and Functional Area are ACTIVEBLANK as Value for Account Assignment ElementsDo NOT allow to any element.Integration with Asset Accounting (I had alre...

waldo by Contributor
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Resolved! Receipt based budgeting

Hi:Client has around 60 sponsored projects. For starting a sponsor projects client gets an approved budget amount say of 10M from a funding agency . Now this money will be received in installment or on basis of meeting some deliverable from client. C...

Resolved! Material return and budgeting

Hi:I have created a PO for a three material. Budget assigned to fund center in PO is 100 $. Cost of three materials in total is 16 $. Budget was checked at PO saving . In report FMRP_RW_BUDCON, system started to show budget consumed as 16$ and 84$ is...

Error in Report FMRP_RW_BUDGET

Hi Experts,I just recently encountered problem when accessing FM BCS standard report (t-code: FMRP_RW_BUDGET).So after executing the reports, below messages popped-up:000 -info  - No authorization for certain FM Account Assignments activity 03000 -er...

Resolved! FM Area issue in FI Transaction postings

Hi:It can be seen in the given screen shot , FM area is not getting updated. I have done configuration in various test client of differing companies but i am facing the same issue. FM area does not get updated . AVC check, budget reporting , actual p...


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