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Resolved! FM Availability Control Inconsistencies

Hi Experts,Kindly need your advise related to FM Availability Control Inconsistencies.So right now I am on a testing phase of an implementation project, and just recently we have discovered that FM availability control inconsistencies are likely to a...

Resolved! Start up cost issues in FM-BCS

Hi:I am stuck in an issue. We are using FM account assignment Funds,FC & CI for budgeting posting and reporting. Client during scenario listing has indicated an unheard scenario ,. Its like, suppose there is a department /fund center XYZ, it is assig...

Change History of FRC7

Hi,We are using BCS-Funds Management functionality from 2009 onwards. We are doing assignment of fund center to cost objects using FRC3/5/7/9 and we have given this authorization to our end users.Then the program RFMXPR47 will update the data of assi...

Resolved! Grants AVC

Hi againI so appreciate your responses.Is it possible to have a commitment and payment budget with GM like it is in FM (CB and PB ledgers).Or is there only 1 budget possible for ledger 9K.Thanks for your input.E

Resolved! Posting period in GM_CREATE_BUDGET

Hi:In GM_CREATE_BUDGET, i can not see posting period field. One of client's requirement is to enter budget in GM-GTE on monthly basis i-e as Grant is awarded they want to enter budget corresponding to it on a monthly basis , AVC is check is however n...

Resolved! Deriving Grant through Customer number KUNNR

Hi:I have a scenario in Grants Management where i want to derive grant through Customer number . i-e i want to set target field as GL Account  +  Customer Number = Grant    +  Fund    +   Fund Center   +  Sponsored Class  +  Sponsored ProgramThis req...

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