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Resolved! Issue in FM AVC

Hi :I am testing a posting in FI , trying to use Grant budget, derivation strategy is deriving all assignment correctly, CI/FC are derived also. There no FM-GM integration for this particular grant hence no budget has been transferred in FM-BCS. Whil...

Integration of FM & GM-GTE

Hi:I have question regarding FM & GM integration, we are using both modules in a full fledged way. Until now i was of the view that if FM is active and you are implementing GM-GTE then its mandatory to check FM Integration for every Grant Type becaus...

Resolved! Associating a student to multiple grant

Hi:At client side we are facing a practical issue of deriving grants for a student who is linked to multiple grants. E.g Student XYZ is sponsored by Grant A & B simultaneously. Using Order ID i can derive one grant per student for scholarship expense...

Resolved! Customzing FM AVC for Grants

Hi:I am facing an issue in FI postings. FM-GM integration is ON , when i am trying to consume Grant budget in FB50 , (grant, fund center ,fund ,commitment items are all correctly being derived) , system is showing FM AV PB error, how can i enable sys...

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