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Hi,I have learnt SAP SD but now i am shifting towards a new module between CRM and SRM. So i would like to know which one is more better and have more job opportunities in future. As i am also looking to go for MBA so which one would be better for me...

Resolved! Budget Scope for FM Fund types

Hi Guys:I have created two fund types, IN (Internal) & EX (External) . For EX fund type i have used budget scope as overall since this fund type will be used for GM funds whose budget spreads over years i-e not restricted to just one year. Am i right...

Resolved! Account reassignment of invoices

Hello Experts,we try to reassign the account assignment of invoices (valuetype 54). Therefore we use the transaction FMCG with a derivation strategy defined in FMYCR. The account reassignment is possible for the commitment item and the fundscenter. U...

GM enhancement

Dear expertsWe need an extra field to use in GM derivation strategy which exists already in COBL but not in GMDERIVE.So from what I can see we need to add this field to structure GMDERIVE.Then, we need to get the field value copied from COBL to GMDER...

Puchase without tax amount

Hi there,Currently have a client requirement which I’m not sure it is possible.Does anyone know if it’s possible to set up FM so that VAT amount is ignored even for Non-deductable VAT (posted into the same account)?The client wants purchase orders to...

Resolved! Custom derivation error messages?

Hello forumies! How are you?I have one doubt about the derivation error messages (all of them; e.g. or )Is it possible the message customization ?For example, if I made a derivation rule that sent "ABADR101" error (Error ocurred in derivation rule. ...

waldo by Contributor
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Resolved! FMDERIVE / GMDERIVE - Please help

Hello all experts,I am new to the GM and FM modules. Can someone explain in the simplest of terms what GMDERIVE and FMDERIVE functions do? I know that these are used to 'derive' fund, grant, sponsored program etc from other feeder systems. But how is...

Resolved! Non/relevant Grant

HelloWe have created the default NOTRELEVANT Grant now in table GMGRANTNONE.Postings still come to GM with this NOTRELEVANT Grant. Is this normal or is there something missing in our configuration? If the value type on the postings is real according ...

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