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Hi Expert,I got to know that there is a new functionality called " PSM, Cash-Basis Accounting and Cash Flow Reporting  " in EHP 4 whereby one can maintain books of account on Cash Basis by creating a separate Parallel Ledger for Cash accounting. We h...

GM value types

Hello forumFor statistical GM update type 54 vendor reconciliation account is set to statistical, split processor derived.No Sponsored Class or Program is derived for this GM posting line.This is OK because it is not budget relevant, but is this norm...

Resolved! GMDERIVE

Hello, We need to use Trading Partner to determine sponsored class in some case. This field does not seem to be available in GMDERIVE. Do you have any suggestions to read this field from the FI line.Thank you for all the useful inputs so far.

Resolved! funded program

Good morning,Our customer needs to use the master data FUNDED PROGRAM and we want to activate it.Now we use the budget estructure independent of exercise and our doubt is if we activate the master data funded program, what happens with the historical...


Hi,I have learnt SAP SD but now i am shifting towards a new module between CRM and SRM. So i would like to know which one is more better and have more job opportunities in future. As i am also looking to go for MBA so which one would be better for me...

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