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Resolved! Message No. FMCF101

Hi,I have created two purchase order in last financial year.For one purchase order GRN has been posted in last financial year and I want to post MIRO in current financial year, While posting of MIRO document I am getting below error:-Automatic Carryf...

Resolved! Make Msg.GRANTMGMT517 Error Message

Hi:By default Message GRANTMGMT517 is warning message and it let the users to bypass the error message at the time of posting financial entries from any module hence configuration can not be done GM_UPD_SETTINGS , i checked message control in Global ...

Carry forward budget

Dear SapinetLast year budget consumed in current year during posting of expenses document. fiscal year april to march.Step 1Posted one expenses related document on dated 31.03.2012 rs 10000 (FB60) ,Budget report (FMRP_RW_BUDCON) shows in 2012 rs 1000...

Resolved! Former budgeting

Hello expertsI am at a site using Former Budgeting, without budget structure.Can anyone tell me the tables that can show the actual budget address of assigned budget?This is the data in report FMRP_RFFMAV01X (subordinate account assignment not ticked...

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