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Resolved! MIRO and FM error

Hi experts,     When I used MIRO the system show this error,anybody can help me?GR reduction impossible. Wrong CI with FT 30 instead of 40 in GR/IR acct.Message no. FMUP009DiagnosisYou are trying to reduce a Goods Receipt (GR) line with an Invoice Re...

Resolved! Reposting CO line items FM to GM

Hi :We are facing an error while re posting electricity cost from Common cost center on which posting had been made in FM . FM budget got consumed at the time of posting electricity cost. Now when trying to to allocate a portion of its cost to a stat...

Produce CAFR Directly from SAP

Hi,We have been downloading SAP data and uploading it to a third party software to produce 'camera-ready' CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report). Now we are looking into the possibility of producing it directly from SAP. We would like to know w...

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