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Activating Business functions

Hi All,I hope to get an answer to my query. We are in the process of upgrading our current PSCD system from 6.00 to 6.06 and at the same time planing to activate social services functions. However I have the following concerns.1. Will there be any co...

Resolved! Bridge financing in Grants Management

Hi:We have a scenario at client receiving Grants from external bodies. Sometimes it happens so that there become a delay in receipt of Grant from Grantor or sponsor for a particular project ,in that case client gives a portion of amount to the projec...

Resolved! change commitment items hierarchy

Hello,in Funds Management I have to change the commitment items hierarchy where budget values are entered and it's non desiderable to delete.I tried to implement note 553664 but I always become message F6230.Some suggestions?Thanks a lot!

Resolved! Custom field in RFFMEPGAX

Hi ,I have a requiremnt to add one more field in Document journal report .Need to include EBELN from BSEG table , saw some responses asking to checkPlease check also in SPRO -> Public Sector Management -> Funds Management Government -> Information Sy...

BCS Update Profile

Hello All,Please let me know which update profile is valid for govt. sector if they go for Budget control system. Currently they are on cash based accounting system and ther are moving to accrual system .,they doesnot do the budget carry forward .Jus...

Resolved! FM- Cut Over Activities

Hi,I am implementing FM in the mid of the year. What all documents should be considered for cut over1) Open PO's - If I want them to create commitment items.2) Close PO's - invoicing done, but in case credit memo in relation to those invoices is to ...

FI document reversal : FB08

Dear All,Whille reversing the FI document(FB08), giving Dump. We posted the document with commitment item with Budget values(FB50).Is there any snote to be implemented or derivation rule to be changed.Functional Module FM_DOCUMENT_GET_MUSTER" was cal...

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