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Grant Opening balances

Dear Grants Management experts We will soon go live with grants management.Can you please let me know how to enter the Actual opening balances for each Grant and Sponsor Class? Is there any way to do it without posting FI entries? In other words, is ...

Resolved! Procurement and Consumption budget

Dear Experts,Please clarify for the difference between Procurement and Consumption budget process control Our Client at present in their legacy have only consumption budget In SAP client expects budget control with the same combination of Fund/FC/CI ...

Budget reversal

Hello All,Tha scenario is" We are using budget structure in Fund Management. We have definedcertain fund-center/ commitment Item combinations as Budget Object.There are budget, released budget and assigned amounts against thesebudget objects. Is it p...

FMBBC Budget Transfer?

Hi Experts,In FMBBC during budget transfer can we restrict budget transfer from one (Fund, FC and CI ) to another  (Fund, FC and CI ) combinations..Ex:   If I transfer budget from (Fund A, FC-A, and CI-A ) to (Fund B, FC-B and CI-B ) it should not al...

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