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Resolved! Error in Payroll execution

Hi:We are facing an error in payroll execution .Checking the Funds Management account assignments revealed an errorMessage no. 3G473Error is coming when i am running payroll for overall employees and however if a go to particualr line item with error...

Resolved! Only 1 WBS per grant?

Hello!Our site is considering using PS with existing Grants Management. Is it right that there can only be 1 WBS per grant - in Grant master data.This seems very restrictive - what if more than one project could be funded by a grant?Thanks for your t...

Resolved! Rolling budget in FM

Hi:I am at client which is in retail industry . They want to make use of periodic budgeting and then they want that legt over budget should be carried forwad to the next month automatically. I presented idea of opening 12 funds w.r.t month and then p...

Resolved! Consistency Check required on FMBB

Hi:I need to put a check on use of fund code with Period field available in FMBB. The check should be like if fund code is OPEX-JUL then period selected in FMBB should be 01 else system should not allow to post the budget.Another check that is requir...

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