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RIBs No information found

Good morning,I have customized all "revenue increasing budget" and later on I have completed transaction code FMRBDERIROR with origen and destiny of the RIBS:            Commitemnt item (revenues)+ Fund center + Fund VS Commitment item (Expenses)+ Fu...

FI228 and FMCF701error FM

Hello,When I try to modify an existing commitement item (PO for example) of the previous year (2013) while no carry forward has been carried out, the system issues this errors. The PO has already an invoice related.Any idea?Many thanks.

Down payments in FM

Hello,I am using budget profile 00300.I would like how it is treated downpayments in FMMy client would like the downpayment to consume budget.First question could be how SAP treat this us the downpayment will consume budget and also the invoice relat...

Resolved! Reason for Budget Deficit in GMAVCOVRW

Hi Guys:Client has reported an issue regarding a Grant. System has allowed user to consume budget more than the available budget in sponsored class for the grant. In Report GMAVCOVRW system is showing this abnormal behavior for only two Grants in liv...

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