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Resolved! Facing Error in Fund Center Derivation

Dear FM Experts, As per the Management requirement we have created new cost center and fund center with code number 5010231. while posting accounting document through FB50 system showing the motioned below error Funds center 010231 in FM area 500...

FM´s posting date (after FMJ2) is not changed when the the "Delivery Date" field in PO is changing

Hi Consultants,A) My customizing in "Override Update Profile" (in SPRO) is "Override Update Profile " for code 50 (Purchase Requisition) and code 51 (Purchase Order): •          Update profile field                                    = 0100•         ...


Hello FM friends, I have not been able to resolve this message either in SAP Notes or Google. Is there a direct solution to fix this message? I can not find the IMG (SPRO) path to make this configuration step. any and all comments are appreciated. ...

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